This page is a growing list of relevant opinions from individuals. These are NOT endorsements of Unsteal.

“The idea of creating a way for people to voluntarily return property they stole could help repay merchants who suffered the loss, and help an individual who is trying to make amends for a crime he realizes he never should have committed.”
– Honorable Doug Haubert, Long Beach City Prosecutor

“It’s a great idea, and unique. It’s admirable that you want to return the money and encourage others to also return the money (after a theft).”
– V.K. Laguna, CA

“Es un buen idea. Ayudando alguien para no hacer cosas malas como robar.”
J.S. Long Beach, CA

“It’s really good. There’s a lot of thieves in my home country and it’s embarrassing to return the money to the store.”
– M.K. Anaheim, CA

“It’s a fantastic idea.”
– L.D. Denver, CO

“Great idea.”
– M.D.G. San Jose, CA

“It’s a good idea. It’s a step in the right direction.”
– C.A. Los Angeles, CA

“I don’t see how its harmful to give back the money for something that wasn’t yours to begin with.”
– V.A. Los Angeles, CA

“This is a wonderful idea. I wish it was around during my youth.”
– J.A.L.III Buffalo Grove, IL

“Reparar el daño a las víctimas es siempre positivo, a veces obligatorio.”
– E. A . Cadiz, ES

“Could be a good idea, but someone will probably steal it.”
– J.H. Louisville, KY

“I think it’s awesome because it helps the person who stole better themselves and right the wrong.”
– T.S. Louisville, KY

“It’s a great idea because it makes sense. ”
– A.S. Louisville, KY

“It’s a good initiative and I’ve never heard of something like that and it takes a lot of courage to come out and admit your mistakes.”
– S.V. Hyderabad, India

“It’s a grand idea.”
– C.B. Rockford, IL

“It’s a great idea. If you can right your wrong that is goes beyond Unsteal itself.”

– N.N.A. Brooklyn, NY

“It’s a good idea because it provides an opportunity for people to do the right thing.”

– J.J.R. Roseville, CA

“(Unsteal boxes are not a good idea)…because what was the point of stealing?”

T.R. Chicago, IL